"Across The Border"
Javier Juarez & Laura Jerez
New Orleans Opera - Carmen
Performance Information
Our Company has done a variety of shows throughout the years.  As members of Young Audiences and The Cultural Connection, we provide educational and exciting entertainment for children of all ages. 

"Across The Border"  takes you on a journey throughout Mexican Culture;  Beginning with the Aztec Indians and ending with the Latin Dances we see in today's society.

"Get Fit Learn To Dance"  Dancing is a great way for kids of all ages to get fit. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits. Participants will be taught easy to follow dance routines set to high-energy Latin and international music.

"Viva Malambo"  A thrilling, percussive dance performance celebrating the traditions of the gaucho or Argentine Cowboy. Their intricate fast paced footwork is inspired by the rhythm of galloping horses. The sound of the drums, reeling boleadoras and the charisma of the male dancers make Malambo an exciting and unforgettable experience. The gaucho’s keen sense of convictions, self-confidence, and fierce attitudes are also revealed in their performance. Viva Malambo is a powerful and entertaining show that will thrill audiences of all ages.

We also perform other styles as well.  Some of our shows have included the Disney World, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Que Pasa Fest, and The Presidents Arts Awards. 

For Booking Iformation, 
Please Call
Melissa Juarez at
985-646-2165 or e-mail us
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Javier's Dance Studio
Across the Border Program Description

Javier Juarez, former principal dancer with the   Ballet Folkorico de Mexico, will guide students on a tour “Across the Border” to Mexico. Students will discover the unique and exciting traditions of Mexico from the pre-European colonization down to our modern time. Javier takes the students on a journey through dance to several different regions in Mexico. The journey begins with a Native Indian dance called “The Aztecs”, and ends with a very popular rhythm today called “Salsa”. Active audience participation is encouraged when students are invited to learn a traditional Mexican Folklore Dance. This program is a culturally rich learning experience that will leave a lifelong impression on students.  Across the Border can be adapted to audiences of all ages.

New Orleans Jazz Fest 
Javier's Dancers Surprise Guests with a Flash Mob Dance at a fundraising event held for Slidell Memorial Hospital.

Please call for information on booking Javier's Flash Mob for your next event!
Que Pasa Fest 2014 
Names Javier Juarez as the 
Guillermo DeBango Excellence in the Arts Award Recipient

The recipient of the Guillermo De Bango Excellence in the Arts award is Javier Juarez. His selection was based on artist merit, his efforts to promote Hispanic Heritage and Culture within the community and his work with children in the school systems. Javier, who is originally from Mexico, has been teaching dance and performing in the area for the past 28 years. Javier and his Dance Company have performed in many venues including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Walt Disney World in Florida. He is also a resident dance instructor for the Jefferson Parish School Ballroom Program. He has been actively involved in the educational system for so many years because he feels that having the arts in schools can make a difference in a child's life, thus fulfilling the legacy of Dr. Guillermo DeBango, for which the award was named after and who was the original founder of Cervantes Fundación Hispanoamericana de Arte. Que Pasa Fest 2014 honored Mr. Juarez on the first night of the four-day festival filled with music and dance which celebrates Hispanic Heritage month and which was held at various locations throughout the Greater New Orleans area. Opening night festivities were on Wednesday, October 8th 7:30 p.m. at the Healing Center/Café Istanbul in New Orleans. The event featured the presentation of the official Que Pasa Fest poster by Colombian artist, Mario Padilla and the presentation of the Guillermo De Bango Excellence in the Arts award, to Javier Juarez. Javier and his dance company performed on Friday, October 10th at UNO University Center's Grand Ballroom.