To help you with making the decision to choose the right school for you and / or your child, we have compiled a list of things for you to look for.  We understand how confusing it could be to decide without having previous experience with this type of business, so let us point out 14 factors we feel are important.

1.Professional Training in a Family Atmosphere:
Our studio maintains a family like environment with emphasis on having fun, working hard and expressing ourselves to become the best that we can be. We have a very close-knit group, which makes up the nucleus of our school.  

2.Variety of Professional Teachers:
Our teachers have professional dance experience of a wide variety.  We have elected to use several excellent free-lance teachers who have come to our area and we are very fortunate to be able to present so many different styles from so many parts of the world. Because our staff is made up professional dancers, our students learn firsthand the skills needed to successfully meet the challenge of stage performance. We also have a teacher-training program for those aspiring young dancers who plan to make a career of teaching dance.

3.Affordable Rates:
Our classes are very reasonable, particularly our specials!  We offer special discounted family rates!

4.Flexible Schedules:
Our classes are offered at a variety of times to accommodate the needs of our patrons.  You tell us what you want and we will try our best to do it! 

5.Variety of Subject:
As a Performing Arts Center, we are able to offer a variety of subjects.  Including; Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Latin Folklore, Tumbling, Ballroom, Freestyle, Tap, Salsa, and Zumba.  We emphasize the importance of Ballet training.  It is our approach to inspire the student and encourage their participation in at least one ballet class per week, building the foundation for all dance styles.

6.Class Placement:
We try to keep students with their age group, but encourage students to push ahead and work at a higher level when they are ready.  Teachers decide when the student is ready to move on.  Each student is carefully monitored for correct form and emotional readiness so that everyone can move at their own pace.

7.Limited Class Size:
Toddler and children’s classes are limited to 12 students and older student classes are limited to 15 students.  Some of our classes have teacher's assistants who work along side the instructor as participant of our teacher-training program.  They are learning how we build our dancers from the ground up.  

8.Parent Observation:
Parents, family members and friends are invited to observe all classes during observation time.  It can be distracting for the students to have people watch, so we do not allow observation on a daily basis.  Observation days are scheduled periodically throughout the year.  Parents can see their child's progress and get some insight from the teachers.  We do make an exception with our Tiny Dancers, parents view class through the observation window.

9.State of the Art Facility:
As we grow, we are offering our students everything we can.  Our  beautiful Performing Arts Center has two dance studios with raised wood floors, a large lobby, drive through drop off and pick up for children, and plenty of private parking.

10.Convenient Location:
Our new facility is in the heart of Slidell, centrally located on the corner of Fremaux and Ninth Street.

11.Arts in Education:
A member of the Louisiana Artist Roster, Arts in Education, and Young Audiences, Javier is very involved in the educational system.  Having the arts in the schools is very important to us because we know how it can make a difference in students’ lives.  We also feel a good academic education is important and try to provide a facility where students can study and keep up with their schoolwork.

12.Dance Company:
Our dance company is used as a vehicle to give serious students a real taste of what it's like to dance professionally.    Dancers must audition to get into the Company.  Auditions are held in August of every year.

13.Performing Experience:
Stressing performing arts, we feel it is important to get the students on stage as much as possible.  The dance company puts in most of the time, they do all of the performances, but we do try to include other students as much as possible.  Performing is the only way to develop as a performer, so we try to get out there with performing at concerts, festivals, malls and of course, the big recital in June! 

14.Job Opportunities:
Our studio is connected with many choreographers, talent agencies, dancers and dance organizations in our area and elsewhere.  We have been in business for 30 years and have made many nice connections along the way.  New Orleans has many auditions, conventions, and job opportunities.  We are very fortunate to be in an area like this!

Javier's Dance Studio
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